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Procedural GL JS is a library for creating 3D map experiences on the web, written in JavaScript and WebGL. It is built on top of THREE.js.

It provides an easy-to-use, but powerful framework to allow beautiful landscapes of the outdoors to be embedded into web pages. It loads super-fast and is optimized for mobile devices.

Demo | Docs | Overlay playground | Elevation data | Source

Key features

  • Novel GPU powered level-of-detail system gives butter-smooth rendering, including on mobile
  • Stream in standard raster imagery tiles. Supports map tiles from a variety of providers
  • Easily include elevation data. Global 3D data integration via nasadem.XYZ
  • Powerful overlay capabilities. Draw crisp markers and lines
  • Well-thought-out API, complex applications can be built without needing to deal with 3D concepts
  • Great UX and intuitive controls, mouse-based on desktop & touch-based on mobile
  • Tiny filesize means library is parsed fast. Package size is less than THREE.js thanks to code stripping



npm install procedural-gl


import Procedural from 'procedural-gl';

// Choose a DOM element into which the library should render
const container = document.getElementById( 'container' );

// Configure datasources
const datasource = {
  elevation: {
    apiKey: ''
  imagery: {
    urlFormat: '{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg?key={apiKey}',
    attribution: 'Imagery attribution'

// Initialize library and optionally add UI controls
Procedural.init( { container, datasource } );
Procedural.setRotationControlVisible( true );

// Load real-world location
const montBlanc = { latitude: 45.8326364, longitude: 6.8564201 };
Procedural.displayLocation( montBlanc );

For detailed instructions for setting up the datasource, see this page in the wiki


Blog posts / Guides


Procedural GL JS is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.